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Varilux® Roadpilot™

Varilux® Roadpilot™

Varifocal lens specifically designed for driving. Experience larger fields of vision so you can anticipate what is happening on the road.

  • Adapt quickly to your new glasses
  • Optimised for driving to not miss a thing

From research to lens design

Varilux Road Pilot sets a new standard for driving lenses. We were able to develop such a progressive lens by extensively observing and interviewing drivers. Research led us to discover presbyopic drivers require wide intermediate vision and distance vision and by minimising the near vision zone would mean less distortion for a comfortable driving experience.

Confidently offer your patients the ultimate driving comfort with the new Varilux Road Pilot.


Crizal Drive AR Coating

Crizal Drive is the Crizal coating specifically designed for driving. Crizal Drive minimises reflection at 507nm, which is when the eye is most sensitive to light at night.


Best lens combination : Transitions XTRActive with Varilux Road Pilot

Transitions XTRActive is the only photochromic lens to activate when the wearer is in the car. Transitions XTRActive combined with Varilux Road Pilot is the most comfortable driving solution available to dispense.

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David, Chapman Opticians
David, Chapman Opticians

" Did a drive to and from Llanberis on Friday last week. About 6 1/2 hours driving and approximately 5 hours in the dark. Very comfortable. I would have doubted my visual comfort over and above my usual Varilux X4D's if it wasn't for my 3 passengers exclaiming when I had those brighter headlights coming towards me. I was fine - I could tell the lights were brighter and little uncomfortable compared to "standard" lights, but I was never "blinded" and was much more comfortable than my passengers. Would I put them on for a short journey in daylight instead of my Varilux X4D Transitions XTRActive's? I usually wouldn't make the effort for that. Do I put them on to drive at night? Every time. The only snag is that they are so comfortable to wear that I often forget and get several paces from the car before realising I need to swap back to my Varilux X4D's. "

David, Chapman Opticians