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APH 550 Phoropter

APH 550 Phoropter

Automatic phoropter for speed, precision and comfort

  • Fully automated functions for ease of use
  • Enhanced patient comfort throughout the process
  • Demonstrate your expertise

Benefits of using the APH 550 phoropter

Investing in the APH 550 phoropter opens up an opportunity to offer a better experience for your patients, as well as giving you the chance to gain a full picture of their vision capabilities. The intuitive keyboard and central dial allows you to operate the APH 550 with ease at a distance from the patient, with a 10” touch screen that offers the same visual experience as using a tablet. The user-friendly interface helps you to become familiar with the phoropter’s controls, allowing for a smooth transition to your new equipment.

The APH 550 phoropter is an automated instrument to help aid the refraction and vision testing process. Offering speed and comfort without compromising on precision, the APH 550 delivers a smooth workflow and better patient experience. With easy-to-use functions, the APH 550 phoropter can unlock a better understanding of your patients’ vision and facilitate a streamlined flow of refraction data.

Optician using the Phoroptor
  • Automated functions with customisable options
  • Centralised screen to control the phoropter and vision tests
  • Easy data transfer from AKR or lensmeter
  • Speed, precision and comfort in one


Frequently Asked Questions


Shorter & quieter refraction process

Shorter & quieter refraction process The APH 550 is a quiet phoropter, which can enhance patient comfort during the process. What’s more, this instrument allows you to start refraction as close to the final prescription as possible. This makes the exam shorter, and therefore less tiring for the patient. You can also save and compare prescriptions in two clicks, allowing you to present a more comprehensive overview of each patient’s vision over time. Simplify and speed up the examination process at your practice today with the APH 550 phoropter.

Available on lens rebate scheme

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Available on lens rebate scheme
Available on lens rebate scheme