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Henson 9000

Henson 9000

The Henson 9000 visual field analyser is the perfect tool for glaucoma screening and management, enabling eye care professionals to detect and monitor glaucoma progression.

  • Modern and ergonomic design
  • Takes less than one minute per eye
  • Drives down false positive rates

Sensitivity, specificity and speed

We know that when screening for disease, the two statistics determining performance are sensitivity and specificity. We also know that a screening test needs to be conducted as quickly as possible, for the benefit of your practice and your patient. Until now, these factors have been interdependent. For example, quicker testing has been achieved but at the expense of accuracy. Or increased accuracy has limited speed. Now we have the Henson 9000 that does all three.

Henson 9000

henson 9000
  • Smart Supra for detection – using the latest research to incorporate 24-2 and 10-2 patterns in a uniquely fast test
  • ZATA for management – using prior patient threshold data and smart terminating criteria to optimize test speed
  • All the tools you need – cross-compatibility between Smart Supra and ZATA and detailed progression analysis
  • Supporting operator efficiency – intuitive user interfaces and context-sensitive help reduce training time
  • Improving patient experience – easy test customization improves specificity and reduces false positive test outcomes
  • Compact design – small size allows for flexibility of positioning in space-constrained environments
  • More as standard – full facilities for networking, linking to PMS software, importing/exporting data

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Available on lens rebate scheme