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ES 700

ES 700

ESTM 700 is a compact and easy-to-use in-store finishing system, allowing for swift and accurate edging of all mountings. The ESTM 700 is the perfect solution to reach simplified precision. It includes TCBTM  800, the new Automatic TCB (Tracer-Centerer-Blocker).

  • Perfect tracing & centering
  • Easy to play interface
  • Elegant & compact design

Reach swift accuracy for all mountings Including demanding1 eyewear

  • In Milling mode, cuts all lenses with a perfectly controlled result, thanks to it’s hybrid edging technology (Grinding + Milling).
  • Secures edging for very slippery hydrophobic or delicate lenses.
  • ES 700M : Eco-friendly dry cut technology3
  • Sleek modern silhouette with high-quality materials.


Optimize axis precision

  • Dual-edging technology
  • Delegable workflows for all operators with varying levels of expertise.
  • Elegant & compact design
  • Customized user experience for each operator through saved preferred settings using user profile.
  • Easy to play inferface
  • Avoid risks of breakage up to base 10 for wrap-around a roughing cycle that automatically adapts to the curves of lenses.
  • Optimize bevel placement & shelf depth for safe mounting without undue lens stress.


Enter a new era of user-friendly and intuitive edging

  • Personalized interaction
  • – Diverse array of bevels.​
  • – Accommodate various groove profiles.​
  • – Modify the lens shape on 8 different points of its perimeter.​
  • Full high curve technology2
  • TCBTM 800 automatically harmonizes frame base trajectory & adjusts centering data based on 3D parameters of the frame.
  • Fit 4 frame 2.0 technology2​​​​​​​

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