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Eye-Ruler 2

Eye-Ruler 2

Take measurements quickly and accurately with the new Eye-Ruler 2 digital measuring device and offer real innovation within the first tier of personalisation.

  • 5 frame measurements and 3 near vision measurements in one App
  • 67% patients believe there is a strong impact on lens performance when measured with a tablet (1)
  • Offer real innovation within the first tier of personalisation

Delivering a new personalised patient experience


Quick and precise measurement

Measuring your patient's Near Vision Behaviour is easy with our new calculation App:

  • Fit the patient’s frames with the parameter clip
  • Take front and ¾ view images for the full 3D reconstructive image of frame personalisation
  • Ask them to engage with the pseudo reading test
  • The clip and the tablet camera integrate to measure both eye and head movement
  • The patient's vision volume is positioned and shaped where and how they need it

Perfect for your dispensing area

  • App based measuring device
  • Light weight
  • Familiar device for patients to use
  • Portable
  • Full integration into your connected store

An Impactful and positive experience for patients that they will easily understand:

How they will benefit from the enhancement made to their lenses

Lens personalisation enhances patients’ lenses to deliver the best possible vision and the best postural comfort.

Varilux X series introduces an entirely new measurement, near-vision behaviour.

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