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SL 650+/SL 650

SL 650+/SL 650

  • Takes high-resolution images and videos
  • Helps to facilitate diagnosis and monitoring over time
  • Analyze and compare multiple images

Improved image quality and facilitated diagnosis

  • Maximize accuracy and comfort with a high quality optics
  • HD digital system records all details in high-resolution image and video for precise and detailed assessment
  • Integrated yellow and blue-cobalt filters provide high contrast fluorescein images for easy & accurate contact lens fitting

Digitally optimized patient management

  • Integrated Anaeyes SL software and DICOM support mean easy patient management
  • Easily record and share high-quality images with patients
  • Clear results help educate patients and build trust

Simplified ergonomics, enhanced analysis

  • Automatic functions, easy installation and built-in power supply
  • An advanced integrated infrared system to assess meibography
  • Measure pathology, edit image settings, compare multiple pictures and follow-up patient

Upgrade easily to the SL 650+ for a complete dry eye report

  • 5 comprehensive and non-invasive tests for a complete dry eye assessment, including: meibography, NIBUT (Non Invasive Break Up Time), eye redness analysis, tear meniscus height, and Lipid layer thickness
  • Advanced software and AI-powered identification system conduct accurate analysis of imaging
  • Generate and share a complete Dry Eye Report with patients

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