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Why Eye Drops May Not Be Soothing Your Dry Eyes

Learn about why Eye Drops May Not Be Soothing Your Dry Eyes.

Why Eye Drops May Not Be Soothing Your Dry Eyes
Why Eye Drops May Not Be Soothing Your Dry Eyes

Dry eye disease is an incredibly irritating and uncomfortable eye condition that affects millions of people. Unfortunately, the gradual onset of dry eye and the worsening of its symptoms means it can have an impact on daily life. Many patients diagnosed with dry eye syndrome will deal with discomfort and sore eyes on a daily basis but may also experience blurred vision and light sensitivity. Both of which can hinder their quality of life. 

Although eye drops are usually offered as the first solution for managing symptoms of dry eye, many people find this is only a quick relief and provides just a short term fix, rather than a long lasting relief. 


Eyes still irritated after using eye drops? 


For most people, the use of medicated eye drops provides the right amount of relief to soothe their dry eye symptoms throughout the day. However, some people find their symptoms worsen and eye drops soon become less effective in soothing their eyes. Leaving them with irritated, sore eyes that could lead to more permanent eye damage over time. 


Can you use eye drops too often?


With lots of people viewing eye drops as a cure rather than a temporary treatment, people will seek the satisfying feeling of relief and go over the daily dosage limit, as advised by manufacturers. This can lead to issues like masking the genuine health problem, a return of symptoms much worse than they were originally, and washing away any real tears your glands may still be able to produce. 

If eye drops are no longer providing you effective relief from your dry eye symptoms, perhaps you even catch yourself rubbing your eyes which makes everything worse, or you feel you are overusing your eye drops, it is certainly time to book an appointment with your optician. 


Longer–lasting relief for dry eye disease 


Not only are opticians able to provide an accurate diagnosis of dry eye using 3D imaging, they can also assess the health of your eyes and identify any damage caused by dry eye. With the right optical technology and instruments, opticians can then provide you with longer-lasting management solutions for your dry eye diagnosis. 

Essilor partner opticians have access to a range of innovative modern optical technology including devices like the E-Eye and TearStim. Both of which utilise the power of pulsed light technology to painlessly stimulate the Meibomian Glands in your eyes. This encourages the glands to return to their normal working function, resulting in immediate relief and long lasting results after just 3 or 4 sessions of the procedure. Since the procedure only takes a few minutes and is pain free, both the E-Eye and TearStim devices have become popular options for opticians offering their very own in-house dry eye clinics. 


Lifestyle changes to manage dry eye symptoms 


While medical advice, support, and management treatments may be providing you a solution, you can also practice several lifestyle changes that will help to ease irritation and soreness. 

If you work in an office environment and spend lots of time looking at screens you are increasing your chances of developing dry eye disease, and if you already have a diagnosis, this will only worsen your symptoms. It’s important to take regular breaks from digital screens and give your eyes a rest. This doesn’t have to be for very long and won’t disturb your working day. 

Following the 20-20-20 rule offers an easy way to introduce a routine into your day that will benefit your overall eye health. The rule simply suggests taking a break of at least 20 seconds, every 20 minutes, looking at least 20 feet away from your screen. To support your eyes when using digital devices regularly, you could also ask your optician about Essilor® Eyezen® lenses to help relax your eyes. 


Visiting a dry eye clinic for dry eye treatment 


In order to access the right dry eye management solutions and utilise the power of innovative optical technology to manage your dry eye disease, visiting a dry eye clinic is the right option. With access to a vast range of instruments, find an Essilor partner optician near you today that offers dry eye management using our optician finder tool. Not only will you receive a sympotom relief that is much more effective than the regular use of eye drops, you will also be in the safe hands of some of the UK’s most professional, experienced, and highly qualified optical practitioners.