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What You Can Expect from The Vision R-800

The Vision R-800 is an automated phoropter offering a range of benefits for both eye care professionals and patients. 

What You Can Expect from The Vision R-800
What You Can Expect from The Vision R-800

Many years of research and development have been spent creating an automated phoropter, reinventing refraction for eye care professionals. At Essilor we have worked to create a design that will offer you a smarter, quicker, and more accurate phoropter, reaching the final refraction much faster. The Vision R-800 is an automated phoropter offering a range of benefits for both eye care professionals and patients. Here’s what you can expect from this state-of-the-art instrument.

Quicker and Smarter Refraction

Addressing the challenges of traditional methods of measuring refraction, the Vision R-800 offers a much quicker and more accurate procedure. As opposed to traditional methods of refraction testing, the Vision R-800 uses SMART algorithms to assist you throughout the entire procedure.

Precise Refraction

Traditional methods of refraction testing consist of values being measure in 0.25D steps. The Vision R-800 instead can measure refraction in 0.01D increments. Allowing you to offer your patients much more precise prescriptions. On top of this, the addition of a back vertex camera means the Vision R-800 can measure to an accuracy of 0.5mm. Providing the very best and most accurate way to measure refraction. This instrument is ideal for practices looking to upgrade and improve their refraction room. Introducing a phoropter which will enhance the patient experience by establishing the most precise and accurate measurements whilst speeding up the procedure.

Benefit from an Automated Phoropter

Don’t keep your patients waiting. Opting for an automated phoropter means they will benefit from a much faster procedure. The Vision R-800 offers simultaneous changes of sphere, cylinder, and axis power. Helping eye care professionals to reach the final refraction fast. This makes for an entirely comfortable experience for your patients without compromising on results and accuracy. Making the most of their time spent within the practice.

On top of this, the automated functions of the Vision R-800 mean you can step back and allow the instrument to do its job. Creating a unique experience for your patients but one which they will feel confident and happy with.

Become an Essilor Partner Optician

To benefit from investing in your refraction room instruments, by upgrading to an automated phoropter like the Vision R-800, become an Essilor partner optician today. As a partner optician, you can discover all our latest instruments, with support for your business and access to all our services. Helping to improve your practice’s patient experience, as well as boosting business. Get in touch today, to find out more.