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Discover the Best in Lens Technology

Our extensive range of technology is designed to help independent eye care professionals deliver the best possible vision care to patients.

Discover the Best in Lens Technology
Discover the Best in Lens Technology

At Essilor our commitment to improve lives by improving sight is at the core of everything we do. With investment in research and development, our team continue to provide solutions that are tailored to meeting new vision challenges, in order to help people achieve better vision.
Our extensive range of technology is designed to help independent eye care professionals deliver the best possible vision care to patients, with a number of award-winning products that have been recognised with Silmo d’Or prizes in recent years. If you are looking to partner with a leading optical lens manufacturer, here are just some of the reasons to choose Essilor.

The invention of the varifocal lens

Essilor has a long and decorated history, having had a presence in the UK since 1881 and being formally formed in 1972 after the amalgamation of the French companies Essel and Silor. Fast forward to 1948 and a young man working for Essilor set out to improve the design of bifocals, which traditionally have a clear break in the lens between the two vision zones.
The invention of the Varilux varifocal lens went into production in 1958, giving back natural vision to presbyopic patients. Since then, Varilux lenses have continued to develop, offering advanced optimisation for different visual needs. Varilux X series lenses were launched in 2017, tailored to specific requirements for arm’s length vision for the first time.

Wide range of lens solutions for every patient

Our lens range doesn’t stop at varifocals. In fact, we have a huge collection of lens technologies to help patients with a variety of vision issues, from myopia to photophobia. It’s so important for today’s lenses to keep up with modern, active lifestyles, and our range has a solution for everyone.
From offering patients the best in corrective lenses for refraction errors, to protecting their vision from harmful light, Essilor lenses are also available with a collection of lens coatings for additional benefits. We can also offer specialist lenses for low vision, for those patients who have specific or unique needs.
As technology continues to evolve, our new personalised lens approach means your patients can benefit from bespoke solutions tailored precisely to their visual behaviour and lifestyle. Personalised lenses are the result of breakthrough technology that allows you to dispense to an accuracy of 0.01 D, changing the way you measure refraction.

Optical instruments for every step of the process

At Essilor we’re not just here to help you access premium lens designs. We also deliver cutting-edge technology to enhance your practice, bringing you innovative equipment to deliver the best in patient care. With efficiency and quality, Essilor instruments help to improve visual acuity assessments, eye screening and essential dispensing tools.
Our innovative range of optical instruments includes refractometers, aberrometers, phoropters, OCTs, tonometers and more, as well as compact and comfortable furniture for your practice. We have invested enormously into research and development, with more than 20 research partnerships around the world.
The right equipment can help you to strengthen relationships with your patients, inspiring loyalty and customer satisfaction. What’s more, we can offer our lens rebate scheme to help cover the cost of your new optical equipment.
Find out more about becoming an Essilor partner optician and discover the best in lens technology.