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Cater to your Patients Needs with Varilux Varifocal Lenses

Access premium varifocal lenses from the company that invented the very first varifocal lenses

Cater to your Patients Needs with Varilux Varifocal Lenses
Cater to your Patients Needs with Varilux Varifocal Lenses

Essilor’s Varilux range is so popular with practices around the world, we see these lenses dispensed every 4 seconds globally. With so many benefits for your patients and personalisation options, the Varilux range allows you to provide a lens that is perfectly matched to your patient’s lifestyle and individual needs. Go above and beyond with Varilux varifocal lenses.

Why choose Essilor Varifocal Lenses?

As the inventors of the world’s very first varifocal lens, we understand the need for a lens that is easy to adapt to and suits the requirements of any lifestyle. Since 1959, varifocals have been a revolution for those needing two prescriptions in one. Providing both clear and natural vision for those with presbyopia. With decades worth of knowledge in manufacturing varifocals, Essilor Varilux lenses will help your patients to see clearly, making their lives a little easier and much more comfortable.

The Varilux Range of Varifocal Lenses

Within our range, you will find varifocal lenses designed with a variety of patient needs and lifestyles in mind. Whether your patient requires varifocals for driving, while using digital devices, or to achieve improvement in their depth and breadth of vision every day, the Varilux range is ideal for patients with presbyopia to correct and enhance their vision.

Our Varilux range includes the following lenses:

  • Varilux X series
  • Varilux Physio 3.0
  • Varilux Comfort Max
  • Varilux Liberty 3.0
  • Varilux Digitime
  • Varilux Roadpilot

The Benefits of Varilux lenses

Varifocal lenses offer eye care professionals a lens solution that will help to correct, protect, and enhance your patients’ vision. Thanks to years of research and development from our teams, the Varilux range of varifocal lenses helps to reduce the need for head movement to find the sweet spot, whilst also offering continuous vision across all visual fields.

The Varilux X Series, our latest varifocal lenses, represent our greatest leap in near vision quality. Delivering patients near vision depth for the first time. These are an ideal varifocal lens for a generation of everyday wearers with new needs. Offering reduced head movement, near vision, UV light protection and blue-violet light filtration(1), as well as the option..as well as the option for a personalisation feature.

Discover Varilux Varifocal Lenses Today

To discover our range of premium varifocal lenses, become an Essilor partner optician for access to all our incredible services. We will support you in enhancing your business and improving your patient experience while allowing you to offer your patients the very best in vision care, no matter their needs. Get in touch today.



(1) Blue violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018.