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Varilux® XR series™, the best Varilux varifocal lens ever¹

Varilux® XR series™, the best Varilux varifocal lens ever¹

We live on the go, hyper connected. With more than 100,000² movements per day our eyes need to make extra efforts to maintain sharpness while we are in motion. Introducing Varilux® XR series™, the first eye-responsive varifocal lens³ that provides instant sharpness even in motion⁴. 9/10 wearers⁴ :

  • Perceived instant sharpness at all distances, even in-motion
  • Felt reactive and confident when moving
  • Felt adapted by the first day

Varilux® XR series™ - Personalisation measurements

In addition to an accurate prescription, personalisation of the complex surface of the varifocal lens is needed to deliver full performance. Indeed, personalised data will ensure the most accurate design calculation.


Personalisation options across the product range 

 Varilux XR DesignVarilux XR Design shortVarilux XR FitVarilux XR TrackVarilux XR 4DVarilux XR Pro
Eyecode + dominant eye    X


Mono PDs + Mono FHsX XXXXX


Upgraded Near Vision Behavior measurement

Powered by behavioural artificial intelligence and individual measurement, Varilux® XR track and Varilux® XR pro lens upgrade the predictive visual behaviour profile for a personalized one. Beyond adjusting the position and vertical extent of the near vision zone, those lenses also extend the near vision width according to patient behaviour.


— Better sharpness at very near
— Easier access to the near-vision zone
— Better vision comfort on digital devices
— Better reactivity in motion

Up to +25% near vision width according to the patient’s need, for a long-lasting comfort in close-up vision.7


NEW H3D+ postural protocol

Our visual needs have evolved, mostly due to our increased use of digital devices, especially smartphones. In addition to the current four head positions of the H3D protocol (left, right, up above and down below), the newH3D+ process includes an extra head diversion by using a smartphone. This additional parameter reinforces the far vision natural head
posture, contributing to accurate centration measurements.


— Securing the far vision posture
— Strengthening the lens centration recommendations

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Varilux® XR series™ lens was recognized with the prestigious Silmo d'Or award in the "Vision" category 


At the 2023 edition of Silmo in Paris, the second largest trade optical fair in Europe. Every year, the SILMO d'Or awards showcase the pinnacle of creativity and innovation through the diversity and richness that characterizes the optical industry.    

Powered by behavioral artificial intelligence, this new breakthrough innovation further reinforces Varilux®’s position as the number #1 progressive lens brand worldwide5  .

With Varilux® XR series™ delivering +67% volume of broadband vision vs competitors premium progressive lenses on average6 and 79% of wearers experiencing better overall vision compared to their current progressive lenses7, the jury acknowledged the high performance of this innovation.



The XR-motion™ technology allows to optimise both lenses according to the visual behaviour profile of the patient8


The XR-motion™ technology allows to optimise both lenses according to the visual behaviour profile of the patient through two major optimisations :

  • taking binocular vision to the next level
  • precise positioning of the focus zones

A new criterion, named volume of broadband vision, calculates the 3D area where the wearer can benefit from a highly sharp vision on any visual target, even while moving, with a seamless ocular navigation between 30cm and infinity9.


+49% volume of broadband vision vs Varilux® X series lens10



Learn more about Varilux® XR series™ varifocal lenses on :

Learn more about Varilux® XR series™ varifocal lenses on :


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