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Eyezen Start®

Eyezen Start®

  • Comfortable vision throughout the day
  • Improves posture : look through any part of the lens to see clearly
  • Reduced image distortions across all vision zones
  • Optimised for digital devices : supports visual efforts when using digital devices
Essilor Eyezen Start

A new generation of single vision...

Regular single vision lenses only consider the prescription in far vision meaning the lens is only optimised through the optical centre. The wearer’s prescription is not maintained when looking at close distance creating power error and unwanted astigmatism in near vision. Wearers may not identify this loss of acuity, but their eyes are working harder and this can cause eye fatigue(1). 

For the first time in our single vision lenses a new parameter is taken into account in the lens calculation: the object's distance according to the gaze direction.


Lens range

 Stylis 1.67Ormix 1.6Airwear 1.59Orma 1.5
Range-14 to +9-12 to +8-10 to +6-10 to +6


Lens options

 TransitionsSunPersonalisationEye Protect System
Crizal PrevenciaSignature BrownEssicolourEyecodeYes
Crizal Sapphire UVSignature Graphite GreenSilver Shadow  
Crizal Easy UVSignature GreyXperio Polarised  
Crizal Sun UVStyle Colours   
Optifog Sun UVXTRActive   
Optifog UV    


(1) Rosenfield M, Hue JE, Huang RR, Bababekova Y. (2012). Vision Council 2015.

Eyezen Start®

Enhanced blue-violet light filtration(1) with Crizal Prevencia

  • When combined with Eye Protect System, Crizal Prevencia offers additional blue-violet light filtration(1).

UV protection and blue-violet light(1) filtration with Eye Protect System

  • Eye Protect System protects eyes by absorbing UV and also filters blue-violet light(1) in to the material of the lens.

Eyezen Dualoptim™ Technology

  • Eyezen Start® is the only single vision lens taking into account 2 reference points: Distance and near vision. The whole lens surface is optimised according to object distance and gaze direction, bringing the right power throughout the lens.

Frequently Asked Questions

(1) Blue-violet light is between 400 and 455nm as stated by ISO TR 20772:2018.