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Eyezen Boost®

Eyezen Boost®

  • Comfortable vision throughout the day
  • Improves posture : look through any part of the lens to see clearly
  • Reduced image distortions across all vision zones
  • Optimised for digital devices : supports visual efforts when using digital devices
Essilor Eyezen Start

Our way of life has changed...

Lifestyles have changed a lot in the last decade for wearers aged 18 to 50 years old. Our eyes have to focus more intensively and repeatedly to adjust to close and variable distances with frequent switching between devices and increasingly smaller characters displayed by screens. This new way of life has an impact on our visual needs, which Eyezen® is addressing. Eyezen Boost® lenses support visual efforts in front of digital screens, thanks to an exclusive power distribution technology called Eyezen® Focus. 

Eyezen Boost® is a complete range of lenses designed for patients using digital devices either at work or at home allowing you to recommend the best visual solution to your single vision patients. 


Lens range

 Lineis 1.74Stylis 1.67Ormix 1.6Airwear 1.59Orma 1.5
Code - 0.40811760257800590
Code - 0.60250214125239093
Code - 0.85554420254431390
Code - 1.10075073072074071
Code - 1.10-18 to +13-14 to +9-12 to +8-10 to +6-10 to +6





Lens options

CoatingsTransitionsSunPersonalisationEye Protect System
Crizal PrevenciaSignature BrownEssicolourEyecodeYes
Crizal Sapphire UVSignature Graphite GreenSilver Shadow  
Crizal Easy UVSignature Grey   
Crizal Sun UVStyle Colours   
Optifog Sun UV    
Optifog UV    


Eyezen Boost®

Eyezen Focus technology

  • Eyezen Focus technology is a boost located in the bottom of the lens to support the eye’s accommodation effort when using digital devices. It reduces eyestrain by improving the readability of small characters and in turn helps the wearer adopt a more natural posture when using digital devices.

Blue-violet and UV light protection and blue-violet light filtration(1) with Eye Protect System

  • Eye Protect System protects eyes by absoring UV light and filters blue-violet light(1) into the material of the lens.

Enhanced blue-violet protection with Crizal Prevencia

  • When combined with Eye Protect System, Crizal Prevencia offers more blue-violet light filtration(1).

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