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Pinpoint the exact eye rotation centre of each patient to deliver a truly unique eye diagnosis

  • Dynamic & innovative measuring process with Visioffice
  • Achieve impressive results for sharp vision without effort
  • 5 time more precise measurements that make a difference

Eyecode's 3D measurements

Everyone has an Eye Rotation Centre, which indicates how the eye rotates around a fixed point near the middle of the eye. Current lenses are manufactured on the assumption that everyone has the same Eye Rotation Centre. However, it can vary up to 30%, which can make a huge difference when looking through a lens.

By carrying out 3D dynamic measurements, you can pinpoint the exact Eye Rotation Centre for each patient to deliver a tailored eye diagnosis. These measurements are known as Eyecode.


Eyecode's value for you and your patients

Eyecode can help you to deliver personalised lenses to your patients, with its highly accurate measurements allowing for lenses and frames that work together for optimum vision. Eyecode measurements are made using Visioffice technology, with the results then integrated into the lens.

Eyecode measurements can take into account the patients’ dominant eye and other frame fit parameters, along with the Eye Rotation Centre. This results in measurements that are 5 times more precise than before.


Highlight your expertise with Eyecode

Eyecode allows you to demonstrate your expertise further, with accurate measurements that result in better lens performance. Eyecode measurements can be taken while adhering to social distancing guidelines, which is crucial. What’s more, it is a comfortable and quick process, ensuring each patient can experience Eyecode effortlessly. 



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