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  • Measure lenses to the precision of 0.01 D
  • Measure AVA with the Vision-R 800
Discover AVA technology

Take your practice to the next level with AVA

After five years of scientific research and analysing more than 100,000 vision parameters, Essilor have developed a breakthrough journey of high precision vision: AVA.

AVA can help you to provide personalised lenses with a process that allows for more precise measurement during the refraction test. The current refraction process results in measurements to the nearest 0.25 D. Our latest research shows that 95% of people have more sensitive vision than this, and so the team at Essilor have challenged the correction standards and taken them to the next level.

Personalised lens technology

AVA is based on two technological pillars, which help you deliver precise eye examinations and a more accurate prescription for each patient. The more precise eye examination process is now based on a new subjective refraction at 0.01 D increments. This is achieved through Essilor’s breakthrough phoropter, Vision-R 800.
Vision-R 800 can enable you to deliver personalised lenses with AVA, thanks to a revolutionary optical module and a smart refraction programme. What’s more, AVA can be achieved while maintaining social distancing, which is crucial.
The precise prescription can be integrated into Essilor premium lens designs, with AVA available in varifocals and single vision lenses:

  • Varilux XR Series
  • Varilux Physio 3.0
  • Varilux Comfort Max
  • Eyezen Start / Eyezen Boost

Enhance your practice with AVA lenses

The AVA experience brings cutting edge technology to your practice, allowing for personalised lenses that can deliver sharp, clear vision tailored to each patient. This precise process can highlight to your patients the difference between standard lenses and AVA lenses, leaving many patients feeling impressed with the enhanced precision and clarity of an AVA lens.
Bringing your practice into the 21st century, Vision-R 800 and AVA lenses together can provide a seamless experience for your patients, from the refraction test to trying on and fitting of the frames.

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